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75 And Sunny.
WHAT'S THIS ABOUT: Setting The Daily Narrative Instead Of Accepting It.
You wake to a brisk cold 28-degree day you shiver and wish you could just go back to bed or it’s 45 out along with a miserable rain. Maybe it’s 97 and scorching hot, whichever your dislike your mood immediately sinks, succumbs to the negative and your day starts on the wrong track.

You stub your toe, your throat hurts, you found out Jared got that promotion that should have been yours… you spend all night trying to get your daughter to stop crying… the news spews non-sense about someone getting stabbed 150 miles away or a robbery or a mudslide on the other side of the country polluting our brain and labeling our day destined to be gloom.

Sound familiar?

Why is it that with so many choices that so frequently we can’t be choose to be content? Instead the uncontrollable leads our emotions and grasps our conscience opinion of our day and our future.

Well what if today we choose that it is 75 and sunny and so will be everyday that follows. 75 and sunny or whatever is that perfect day and mood.
Why can’t it be?

What is stopping you from have your perfect. Why fear the cold or let what others say set you down.

Well, today I challenge you. I challenge you to just tomorrow choose it to be 75 and sunny. Make it yours. Just find that little good daily.

Here are ten ways you can take back your day.

1. Smile — studies show that the simple act of making yourself smile can’t completely alter your state and mood for the better.

2. Meditation — setting space to allow your mind to calm can give you the advantage you need to face life’s obstacles.

3. Saying thank you — the gesture can surely change your mental and put the focus on gratitude and off of the negative.

4. Two minutes focused breathing — breath in and breath out like you are blowing out a birthday candle. After the sixth breath your body will find a relaxing state.

5. Say no excuses — Jocko Willick uses this to surpass mental blocks like getting up at 4am. It works.

6. Put the focus outward on others — you get back what you give. Give positivity and your day will be destined for the same.

7. Visualize your perfection — take five minutes and shut your eyes and think about every detail of what your perfect day and life is. The more specific the better.

8. Be happy you are you — Aristotle said that if everyone in the world combine all their problems and then split them equally each of us would be dying to have our old problems back.

9. Lets do this — my personal favorite. Anytime I am stuck I just say this and get going. It’s not always easy but it is always possible.

10. Just move — motion is your friend and your partner. Make motion and make progress. Whether it is lifting, running, pumping your arms, dancing or singing. The motion brings you energy.

So today is 75 and sunny and so will be tomorrow. I challenge you to look up and take in the sunshine. Just today. Just now.
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