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WHAT'S THIS ABOUT: How Your Thought Track Is The Reason You Aren't Happy. 
Do you know someone who acts as if they don’t have a care in the world but by luck that same person seems to always fall into something good? They seem to be right in the perfect spot when momentum swings in their direction.

I do.

Let’s call him Art.

So what is it that makes Art so lucky, so special, so fortunate to have so many things happen in his favor?

From starting the right company, to finding the right partners to having a great relationship and just being happy.

What if I told you Art isn’t lucky at all. Art isn’t fortunate. Art isn’t always in the right spot.

So what is it that makes Art special?


Just action.

I’ve found time over time that the difference between the Art’s and the rest is just simply taking action. Taking the steps while the rest calculate all the possible outcomes.

Here’s the truth. Whichever outcome you forecast, the exact outcome never actually happens, but with action the ability to get to “an” outcome happens quickly and creates results. That building block of actions creates wins and losses and lessons from the losses and more wins.

So Art keeps acting and figuring it out and eventually stringing together a series of wins while the rest think about the outcomes and think and think.
Action always crushes inaction.

No one has ever thought their way to greatness without implementation and action.

So today write down three things you have been contemplating and then the first thought that comes to mind about while you haven’t done it yet. Then think about how silly that thought is in the big picture of life.

Whatever that thought, no matter how great, I guarantee you that it can’t stop you from taking action.

Just you can stop you.

Just you.

Of those three things try one. You may fail and when you do try again and again.

If I told you it would take ten failures to reach greatness how quickly would you seek out failure?

So if you want to be your own Art stop reading this, stop thinking, just stand up and do.

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