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WHAT'S THIS ABOUT: 7 Ways To Keep Yourself On Track When Everything Feels Like It Just Derailed.
We all feel partly alone but everyone is going through this together but apart. Weird times and a very odd scenario. With uncertainty brings pause and with pause brings derailment.

A change of a routine can be difficult, enlightening, game-changing or frustrating, it just really depends how you look at it.

What’s certain is that each of our daily routines have been altered not just for the short-term but for the unknown.

Here is a list of things you can do daily to keep yourself on track and not getting lost down a social media rabbit-hole waiting for the next update.

1. Keep routined to your clock. Don’t change your sleep pattern.

2. Get up and move. The simple act of going to work provided movement. Make sure to fill this gap with simple exercises like walking up and down stairs.

3. Work in blocks. If you are home with family, don’t try to work through them. Block time to max production.

4. Smile — so many of us have always wanted to find a way to be home with family. Now we have it.

5. Max your calendar. The time spent commuting before is ripe for the taking to tackle that passion project you have had on the sideline.

6. Feeling stuck? Ask how you can help daily. Get out of your own head by focusing on others.

7. Don’t worry. Prepare. Worrying is time wasted on getting prepared and what you worry about will not exactly happen.

Life is as we make it and our perception does become our reality. Lead by example and let the good energy that will combine from all of us push us past this unsettling time.

One thing that will happen is this too shall pass.
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