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Life. Guaranteed.
WHAT'S THIS ABOUT: There Are A Few Things In Life We Can Set Our Watch To. Why Not Control The Time?
With so much uncertainty around us I figured it would be practical to label a few guarantees in life.

Certainly not every guarantee is going to be one we want or need but when faced with what is coming it’s a lot easier to deal with the hard truth now than to consider all the possibilities of what if.

Now if you’ve paid attention to the news there’s been a tremendous amount of speculation. How many will get sick and die, the rate of unemployment, will there ever be enough toilet paper? Questions, questions and more questions….
Well, I like to face forward and look at what we can bank on, so let’s make a list together.

First and foremost, no one is going to be absolutely right with what happens here, so speculating every worse case scenario won’t help you or me. Look at possibilities and prepare for outcomes but don’t paralyze yourself with analysis.
This too shall pass. This will end. No matter what the media says, no matter what your neighbor says and no matter what you think, it will end. Life will resume and a normalcy for you and for me will resume. Take this time to look at your life and processes and focus on what’s missing from it and what can be gained by tweaking your everyday practices.

We can’t control what is happening around us but we can control how we react. Your mind controls your reaction, you choose, the stimulus doesn’t force your hand. Why do we let the weather get us down? Everyday can be perfect if you say so, so what’s stopping you?

The sun will come up tomorrow. It will and the next day and the next. It’s our duty to use life for what it’s here for, to be awesome. No one was born and was told they were average because we’re not. We aren’t meant to be average. Do more, choose wiser and be awesome.

Death will come. For some sooner and for some later. When our time is up, our time is up. Worrying about this is a waste of energy and time. Worry less and do more. Action beats inaction every time. Stuck with fear, just start moving. Whether that’s physically or literally. Just go. Nothing good came about by just thinking about it.

We can’t get back time. Today is a blessing and tomorrow too. Treat it as such. Use time to enjoy life, love family, make experiences and grow beyond your potential. Look at the space within your calendar and see where you can gain back time.

Remember with the good comes the bad and the bad comes the good. Without one we could never had known what the other was. Just be kind to yourself and kinder to those around you.
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