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WHAT'S THIS ABOUT: 4 Mental Blocks Keeping You From An Awesome Life.
“It is never too late to be what you might have been”- George Eliot

At 41 years old there are days that I look back and think “how did I get here?”

Not in a negative or positive way …. just the way life goes is hardly ever how we would imagine it may be if you placed me back at 21.

When I truly look at my life and look at what I have and accomplished I have found it’s been breaking bad mental habits that have gotten me where I am and mental roadblocks that have kept me where I am.

Now that may sound like I am talking out of both sides of my mouth but when you dig down deep we are only able to ever be what our mind can grasp.
From my own experiences I have found there are generally four blocks that keep you where you are.

1. I need to know more before I proceed ….

From starting that side project to trying a new hobby the want to know everything before beginning separates the pack. Do and have or ponder and have not. The truth is you will never know everything and the greatest learning experiences are in the doing not the thinking about doing.

2. What will others think about me if I do this….

So many times we don’t start because of what others may think. It’s amazing we are surrounded by so many that are so worried about what others may think about them but the reality is people are too busy worrying about themselves to worry about you too.

The greatest failures have led to the greatest successes. In the past two weeks I have interviewed two people who combined have lost over $100 Million Dollars. If they spent all their time worrying about what people thought of them they would never have come back to make multiples of that and help thousands along the way.

3. Not knowing why you really want what you want ….

I hear this constantly, random statements about wishes and wants. What’s missing is an actual reason you want it. Our minds are wired to find the easiest route. The road to a better life has speed bumps and if we aren’t painfully specific about why we want what we want our mind will always lead us back to the safe route.

Write down what it is what you want. Be so detailed and some granular that when you close your eyes you can smell it and feel it in your mind. Make the outcome so clear , so visceral that it outcome is guaranteed in your mind.

4. Negative talk track from those close to you …

Here’s the hard truth. Your wants may be different from your loved ones…. That doesn’t mean they don’t love you or you have to cut them out of your life.
The reality is that if you are a person who wants big, gigantic, unrelenting greatness in your life you stand alone in a field where the rest of the world hasn’t found that need and doesn’t understand that want.

If you want it, go get it. Your loved ones don’t shut you down to hurt you, they just can’t grasp the magnitude of what you are doing and say what they say because they think they are protecting you.

When you get what you want in life I guarantee their words will change.
It’s your life and you deserve it. Be resilient in your ways and don’t ever let your mind keep you back from getting to where you are destined to be.
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