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Thrive During Tough Times.
WHAT'S THIS ABOUT: We All Hit Rough Points In Life. Identifying The Lesson Is Well Worth The Discomfort.
At some point in your life you will hit a rough patch. Whether it will be with family, business, finances, health or a combo of all of them, it will happen.
Generally these rocky points harbor internal negative feelings that not only distract us but pull us off course from everything we were focusing on. Routines go out the window and poor habits flow in and things quickly spiral out of control.

So what can you do….

The first and most important thing to do is to identify the difficulty as early as possible and label it for what it is - a problem. Sugar coating reality or trying to hide the inevitable hoping it won’t come true is what leads to the greatest disasters.

“But I am already in a rough spot… so what now?” I hear you. Sometimes these things hit unexpectedly and catastrophically and we can’t get ahead of it. So best case is break it down into segments. How is this event altering you physically, mentally and financially?

The basic steps of chunking into segments what is actually happening will allow your mind to get out of disaster mode and back to detective mode. What is the solution not what are all the possible continuing disasters.

Next, get back to your routine, quickly. If you toss your habits into chaos mode along with the underlying issues at hand it will only complicate matters. You need focus, clarity and consistency. Your routine will provide just that. Most notably exercise - your body needs movement and action and it needs it now!
One of the best things for a busy mind is finding quiet. A walk or run or meditation will do just that. You want to find results by allowing your mind time to do what it does best, think in peace. A busy mind trying to solve a problem is like boarding a train that’s not slowing down.

Once you have these down it’s time to shock your system and get back to your winning ways. Small wins create large successes. Set a winning attitude and the rest will take care of itself. Whether it’s getting up three hours earlier than usual, taking a boxing class or studying and learning a few key words in another language, the simple act of accomplishment will bring you full circle ready to get back to your winning ways and break free from the funk.
Your life is your life. Don’t wallow and wait for chaos to run it’s course. Take action and break through your issues by looking them straight in the face and taking them head on.

You have this - we have this - and together we will tackle anything and everything in our way!
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