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Having The Marathon Mindset.
WHAT'S THIS ABOUT: Everyone Loves A Comeback Story. Here Is How To Start The Journey.
Having the Marathon Mindset in Your Own Comeback Story.

With so much going on around us right now… constant news updates containing so much negativity, social media muddied with harsh opinions and many unknowns getting thrown at us from every angle. It‘s important to remember that there’s a long game here.

And it’s tough because we’re put in a position right now where we don’t know the end point, if there is one, we don’t have that moment where there might be some clarity. What we can agree on is none of us like uncertainty that we can’t control…

When will we be allowed to get back outside?

What would be the end to these ramifications?

When can people get back to work?

Where will the economy be after all this?

Will there be jobs when I get back and get back outside?

When? What? Where?

These are questions swirling around everyones head. Fun right, having no sense of control over so many looming questions. The one thing you can’t do now is waver.

We will get through this. That is our option.

And to think through this, you just have to have a marathon mindset, you have to have this mentality that ultimately, if you’re sitting here today, and no one’s sick around you and no one’s dying, you will have the opportunity to just get back to greatness.

The one thing you can control is your reaction.

We need you, others need you and many depend on you. So now is your time to step up and face adversity. Remember a true stresser is the test to show who we are and who we are meant to be.

Now it’s your turn to find out.

And I know. There’s no guarantee things will magically rebound and people will go through tough times, but you have the option and the ability to really control what you can control.

Two things you can control right now are positivity and happiness. Those are two things that you have the ultimate say and control over.

Your path to greatness and the path to really putting yourself back together is not going to be a straight line, it’s going to be interesting and it’s going to be a story for itself but that’s exactly how it should be.

Joe Rogan has this great rant about being your own movie. No one would wants to see a movie where Debbie wins all the time “The End.” We want to see Debbie try, fail, fail, try, fail, try again, fail and ultimately win.

That’s the story of long distance running. Some days you are all there, the next day you fall apart, gasping for air and feet ripped apart and you have no clue what happened. The victory is getting back up and running some more.

So today is the time to start adding to your comeback story. Your story of how greatness was re-built will start with one step and then another.

Don’t wait for a lifeline… they rarely come.

You control what you can do.

You control your action and reaction.

Let’s do this!
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