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We’ve grown comfortable. Conditioned to a life where there isn’t saber tooth tigers chasing after us and meals arrive at our doorstep with the touch of an app.

Yet so many of us are unhappy.
Very unhappy.

But the data shows that scientifically we are living in the best years ever… even now when most of us are still confined to our homes or just starting to be in a State where rules are being relaxed we are still blessed to be in a world where opportunity exists and the ability to change our circumstances is forever possible.

So what is it. What is holding us back from finding fulfillment? What keeps us up at nights?

I have found these three things played a huge role in defining my happiness both positively and negatively.

1. Lack of Commitment

Not because I didn’t “want” to but because I hadn’t found focus and meaning to what I was doing. Being that this is the greatest times, rarely are we put in a position where if we don’t do, it will lead to some massive upheaval in our life like our family starving. So we wait and wait and wait some more to do because what’s the worst that happens….

What are we waiting for? Well the right time of course. This magical moment when the heavens will shine down and announce that NOW is the time and now is our moment to get going. I truly believe this moment does happen but when it does we aren’t ready because our commitment isn’t there and the moment is wasted because what is being given to us is well above what we are ready to achieve.

2. Try, Try and Give Up

Equally on par with lacking commitment is our inability to face rejection, difficulty and uncertainty. We try what we just saw on YouTube and when we don’t have results five days in our response is either “I knew this wouldn’t work” or “That person is so lucky to start that early” or “They must have gotten lucky” or one of a number of other generic responses.

Well how about “We didn’t put in the work.” Nothing good comes easy. While we know this it doesn’t make doing without feeling rewarding any easier.
We have come to expect that if want, we get and we are happy. Except that’s not how it works and when we get smacked in the face with reality it comes down to how committed we are in #1 to know if we are actually going to make it past the line to the next step.

3. Caring what others think

This has led all of us to not do at some point in our life. Whether it was trying a new thing, asking someone out or changing courses in our life. We all have not done because of what ‘Joe’ may think of us.

Well, here’s the truth about Joe, he’s not thinking about you because he has too many things on his plate to worry about and even if he was ‘so what?’

Truth is you may luck stupid at first trying something new. I don’t know many people who want to horseback ride that just get on a horse and ride off like John Wayne. Imagine if babies thought like this, they would never walk. So who are we to say judge others and let others judge us?

Want more. Want to be more. Want to get more done.

It’s as simple as:


Don’t quit.

Stop caring what others think.
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