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You Are A Brand.
WHAT'S THIS ABOUT: Presenting Yourself In A Way That Is In Line With Your Future Initiatives.
No matter who you are, you are a brand.

Now that may come off as a striking comment but if you are one of the four billion people online and are engaging with people even if it’s just your family and friends then you need to consider that you are now a brand and look at how you are representing your brand.

The American Marketing Association defines a brand as, “A name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers. The legal term for brand is trademark.”
How does this relate to you and I?

Well if you have an an online presence, then the way you are representing yourself to the world is now how you are going to be identified. This is part problem and solution. A lot can be lost in the context of a tweet or a gram. What you say can be easily misconstrued. Your comments can be intended for good but often may look as if misguided. So the importance of looking at yourself as a brand and how your actions will represent your brand can never be more important than now.

There are a few things each of us control. The way we act, react, speak and do. This relates to your brand presence and your online presence.

You could be in real estate, you could be you could be working retail, it doesn’t matter. You have a presence online and you need to make sure that your brand aligns with what you want your presence to be.

You may not consider this, but there’s a lot of people out there watching how you are dealing with the now. Even if it is just one person watching it still holds merit.

If you have had a negative attitude throughout Covid others will remember.
To think that when things start to open back up and some sense of normal resumes that you can get out of your negative attitude and resume a state of positivity is foolish.

Your brand has spoken and has been tarnished and you will be seen as someone who cannot take tests, who goes to the negative as soon as things don’t go their way and potentially someone who won’t make a good … you fill in the blank.

So today take a hard look at your behavior, take a look at what you contral and begin to think of yourself as a brand. How would you want yourself to be regarded as if you were a brand like Starbucks, Supreme or Unilever.

If the way you have acted doesn’t represent the brand you want to be then today you may have to do some damage control. Clean up your image. Control your narrative and take steps to gain back what has been lost.

The internet doesn’t forgive as what has been posted is there but everyone loves a great comeback story especially when it’s least expected. So today, for you and for the others around you, take action. You have to do it for yourself.
Do it for you and help the others around you by being a brand that others can rely on, look to and depend on when times are great and when they are not.

Let’s do this!
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