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WHAT'S THIS ABOUT: Lots Of Things Will Fail You But Don’t “You” Fail You. YOU Need To Be The Strong Foundation That You Are Looking For. 
This month I am doing a running challenge called the Calendar Club. You run the miles of each day of the month. Day 1 run 1 mile, day 15 run 15 miles and day 30 run 30 miles. A total of 465 miles this month.

It won’t be easy but honestly would it be worth it if it was?

It’s a lot physical but even more mental.

This is where this parallels to life.

How many times have we talked ourselves out of doing something even when we knew it was good for us.

I should eat better, workout more, call my mother, learn this skill that could help me get a job I actually love but somehow our mind tricks into not doing these things and back to average we go.

“You were not put on this earth to be average…”

So how do we get past this hurdle, past this constant reminder of how “easier would be better” and where we are “is safer” than where we could get to?
It starts with the words “I Will” and “I Can”.

Sounds simple right, but what if we changed our wording to meet what our actions will be. No longer shall we allow ourselves to use “I Should” or “Maybe” because you are no longer going to average.

Doing this may sound minimal. But small constant steps go a long way. So today is a time to course correct. To set you on a course not only to achieve what you were set here to do, but to also give you a base to fall back on when you’re mind tells you “It’s OK to eat that Twinkie.”

Remember nothing worth having comes easy and the more you can align and train your mind to know this is “Who You Are Now” the easier it will be when doubt and fear come into play.

Fear shows that you care and that what you are doing has meaning.

Meryl Streep still gets stage fright. She is known as one of the greatest actresses ever but her mind and gut routinely tries to limit her from being great … “Just Come Back To Average” her mind tries to implore. The difference is making the decision to push through because “I Will” and “I Can”.

It’s not always your mind that will try to limit you. It may be your tribe or your surroundings or even your shoes.

As I start the 22nd day of running today I will run 22 miles. We are in quarantine and my shoes have decided this is no longer something they want to be apart of. Back on day 16 one hole and day 20 a second hole. These are shoes that have trekked some 1,000 plus miles. But “I can and will” get this done and my shoes have no choice but to accompany to the end of this journey.
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