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WHAT'S THIS ABOUT: You Need To Be Your Strongest Supporter. You Need To Be The Foundation Of Your Life.
I used to write. A lot.

I stopped because I couldn’t find enough people to support me the way I needed to support myself. I wanted verification that I was doing the right thing, that my writing was good enough and that the world would care about what I had to say.

I wanted that first. Before I published. I wanted the accolades and gold stars. I wanted to know I wasn’t going to fail.

I wrote. I had a daily word count. I published on Facebook and a local magazine in Hawaii. I looked for reasons to keep going. I didn’t find enough. I let other things become more important. I started a family. I turned everything into an excuse.

I love the #noexcuses hashtag. I use it often. I need to practice what I preach in this writing world that I once happily created, loved, bled, cried in.

This is the beginning. This is where I take the mental fortitude I have learned with time and apply it to my childhood/young adulthood dream.

I will stop looking for verification. I will stop looking for support. I will stop looking for accolades.

I will tap into my own power. I will have courage. I know I have an amazing support system within and surrounding me. I will be afraid but I will jump and conquer that fear.

I will still care about what others have to say insomuch as I care about filling this world with a little more Aloha a day at a time.

With Gratitude.

Aloha, Pili
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