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Finding Focus.
WHAT'S THIS ABOUT: How Jason And I Needed Laser Focus And What We Did To Achieve It.
Once upon a time... Jason and I were Multi-tasking, Multi-Business, Multi-Children... Parentrepreneurs. On the outside we looked cool, dressed the part, had the playdates, had the beginnings of a great social media platform and presence. 

Jason became primary owner of his Family Construction Business and ran Sales, Marketing and Accounting.

Jason had a brewery in NYC. 

I gave birth to three amazing Kiddos.

I was growing as a Real Estate Agent.

We had a thriving Flipping and Wholesaling Business. 

We'd just acquired our first large multifamily and were on track to asset managing over 250 doors and partnering up on a few hundred more.

We had a successful podcast.

We had all the trappings of "having it together" and for the most part... WE DID. We were happy but there were cracks in our foundation:

-Power struggles within the Companies
-Lack of Sleep
-Lack of Exercise
-Lack of time for Family
-Post Partum Depression
-Too much to Do...

In 2016-2018 Jason and I were a part of a large and successful Mastermind called 7 Figure Flipping. We were able to grow all our businesses because of this group. Three times a year our group would meet and during these masterminds we would have hot seats.

In San Diego in what would be our last few months with this group I described some of the things that were happening to Jason and I as a family and our businesses. 

My big give to the group was to teach Flippers how they could get in to Large Multifamily.

My big ASK? How do we FOCUS.

One of our Mentors had happened to walk in and sat in on my presentation. After I'm done he shakes his head and calls me out:

"Pili... in the past two years you have asked for the same thing. FOCUS. It's time for you to find it. WHAT DO YOU NEED TO DO."

I circled around the answer (which I knew but didn't want to say out loud) for a minute.

"Bullsh!t. What do you need to do?"

My answer:

"I need to get Jason out of the Construction Company that was sucking up much of his time. I needed to dismantle our Flipping Business that was too tied to construction and I needed to dismantle our Wholesaling Business that wasn't our passion."

It still took us several years to exit out of the companies and Jason still manages the Sales, Marketing and Accounting of the Construction Company. But he is no longer the owner and we no longer Flip and Wholesale.

This has allowed us to open up out time more for family time and adventures, furthering our financial freedom by looking into other passive investments and continuing our education in Large Multifamily.

We are committed to bringing Vision to the communities we serve, Value to our Investors and Versatility in all we do. In business we are FOCUSED on the acquisition of Large Multifamily Assets. In Life we are FOCUSED on Fortifying our Foundations, living Fearlessly with our Family and alway moving Forward in achieving a Fit, Rich Life.
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