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WHAT'S THIS ABOUT: Building Upon Your Successful Journey Forward
Jason and I just got off a year of 75 hard. This program taught me (us) so many things. Mental Fortitude, commitment to my physical, spiritual and psychological wellbeing and being a contributing member of my community just to name a few. This program also taught me more about what it means to be truly successful.

Here are 10 ways to build upon Success-

1. Take up a CHALLENGE. Look up #75hard - MFCEO PROJECT EP 290. If you are not ready for that Jason and I have been doing mini challenges as well. #pickitup - a challenge to pickup trash on your daily walk or run. #22pushupchallenge - a challenge to do 22 push-ups everyday for 22 days to bring awareness to veteran suicide.

2. Find something you love and COMMIT! I’ve just completed 50 days of Hawaiian Language practice. I am committed to learning Hawaiian and improving the Hawaiian community. What can you commit yourself to?

3. Find a mentor. Since I just completed 50 days of self led Hawaiian Language practice - I know I am committed enough to put some money behind my passion and get a teacher! Do you want to learn more about investing in Multifamily Real Estate? Look us up at www.multifamilyformula.com for more info! Remember- success leaves clues!

4. This too shall pass. Any difficulties you are going through will one day be a lesson learned. We are all going through something... there are those with no clean drinking water, in horrible relationships, in financial difficulties... there is so much negativity that you can focus on. I challenge you to look for the action steps that will allow you to get out of the position you are in. Realize the good that you do have and the greatness that you are and can achieve to be.

5. Take a moment for yourself. Whether you fail of succeed IT IS A STEP FORWARD AS LONG AS YOU KEEP PUSHING FORWARD. Take a moment to acknowledge the moment and keep moving!

6. Not where you want to be - take the step in that direction! Pivot. It’s never too late to be the person to have that comeback story. You are not too old. It is not too late. YOU HAVE ALL THE TIME YOU NEED! Stop with the excuses and DO! Fulfill you dreams even in the face of your most worthy opponent - in the face of any difficulty.

7. Educate yourself. Get the steps, get the vocabulary you need to succeed in your venture. Want to run a marathon? Find out how you need to prime your body to take on that challenge. Want to get into real estate? Read books on the asset class that interests you.

8. Remember to smile. Times will be tough but it sets a different perspective in your mind when you smile. Whenever you are having a hard day or a difficult time- smile. As Og Mandino says, “Today I will laugh at the world!” This makes all the difference.

9. Don’t get distracted. You have a goal. Get it. Take a deep breath, let you of the rubbish distractions, focus on your goal, follow your systems and go. I set myself up for “HAWAIIAN TIME.” My goal is to learn Hawaiian with my family so that I can perpetuate my culture and ALOHA! I can only do this if I set myself up for success! GOAL, VISION, SYSTEMS equals SUCCESS!

10. Write down three concrete steps RIGHT NOW. Don’t have a plan yet? Let me help you now. Start with three things you can do right now. Put it down on paper. Put it in front of you and get to it NOW.

Jason and I hope these steps help you to continue to be successful in all your endeavors. We hope you continue to push forward, continue to strive, continue to set yourself up for success.

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