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Being the rock in the ocean
WHAT'S THIS ABOUT: Always Be Moving Forward But Make Sure To Be Flexible With Where That Takes You.
The rock in the ocean. We hear this thrown around a lot, that we should be the rock, right? You know, be the rock, be the one who's there, who's constant. But is that the ultimate message or are we possibly not fully understanding what is being told to us here?

Could it be that while the rock for the most part remains in the ocean, it's ability to be a constant is taught by the ocean. For 1,000s of years the rock endures the ocean's wrath and the rock's ability to take wave after wave ultimately leads to the rock being flexible and contouring its shape to sustain within the ocean. It starts to adapt to the waves. It starts to contour to the waves. It doesn't just say, let me just resist you, Ms. Ocean, for as long as I can. The rock chooses to live a glorious sustaining existence offering a home for the water to find daily, a resting place for sea creatures and humans and uses its years on planet Earth to use the resources it has to be put to its best use.

Within our own lives we create massive resistance daily. We'll have this constant battle of resistance, resistance, resistance and resistance within ourselves. Instead of deciding to use the incredible resources that have been provided by Earth, friends, co-workers and the surrounding universe, we decide to find the areas where all may not seem right with our existence. We get set on our ways and even if there may be an easier path we can only look at the resistance and focus on a way to conquer the resistance. 

Surfers have an uncanny ability to respect the ocean and find the love and will for which the ocean can provide such a great experience as surfing. The don't resist the ocean, they experience the thrill through what the ocean provides. 

Today, in your life, can you look at the resistance that supposedly is surrounding you and ask yourself if your ways are creating that resistance? Have you sought flexibility to adapt to find your greatness and best use in life or are your sights based on escaping the resistance. 

Be the rock. Be firm and constant in your nature but always be flexible to finding your best life.
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