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Tactical Advice for a Fulfilling Life
Part 1.
WHAT'S tHIS ABOUT: Our UNSHAKEABLE FOCUS on LARGE MULTIFAMILY and how that has allowed us to STRENGTHEN our foundation and our family. (And fitness too... Because it's good for you...)
Hi there!!! This is Jason and Pili Yarusi and we are SOOOOOOO THRILLED to be writing again and writing about what WE LOVE! FOCUS in Large Multifamily Real estate has allowed us to build a solid and strong Foundation for us to THRIVE!!! If you follow us then you also know that we are SERIOUS about our Health and well being and are always striving to create a healthier lifestyle and path for ourselves and our three children!

So... WELCOME TO OUR BLOG!!! These first four Blogs will be a series entitled "Focus. Foundation. Family. Fitness." Notice that we say NOTHING about REAL ESTATE. Yep. We will touch on it because... IT'S THE BEST... but honestly... if you don't have these other items solid... it doesn't matter what terms we teach you or information we regurgitate from people smarter than we are. Read further to reignite your Focus to GROW and become the BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF!!!

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