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by: Pili Yarusi
WHAT'S tHIS ABOUT: How Jason and I needed Laser Focus and what we did to Achieve it.
Once upon a time... Jason and I were Multi-tasking, Multi-Business, Multi-Children... Parentrepreneurs. On the outside we looked cool, dressed the part, had the playdates, had the beginnings of a great social media platform and presence. 
by: Pili Yarusi
WHAT'S tHIS ABOUT: You need to be your strongest supporter. you need to be the foundation of your life.
I used to write. A lot.

I stopped because I couldn’t find enough people to support me the way I needed to support myself. I wanted verification that I was doing the right thing, that my writing was good enough and that the world would care about what I had to say.
by: Jason Yarusi
WHAT'S tHIS ABOUT: Our UNSHAKEABLE FOCUS on LARGE MULTIFAMILY and how that has allowed us to STRENGTHEN our foundation and our family. (And fitness too... Because it's good for you...)
Hi there!!! This is Jason and Pili Yarusi and we are SOOOOOOO THRILLED to be writing again and writing about what WE LOVE! FOCUS in Large Multifamily Real estate has allowed us to build a solid and strong Foundation for us to THRIVE!!! If you follow us then you also know that we are SERIOUS about our Health and well being and are always striving to create a healthier lifestyle and path for ourselves and our three children!

Forward Momentum
by: Jason Yarusi
WHAT'S tHIS ABOUT: Lots Of Things Will Fail You But Don’t “You” Fail You. YOU Need To Be The Strong Foundation That You Are Looking For. 
This month I am doing a running challenge called the Calendar Club. You run the miles of each day of the month. Day 1 run 1 mile, day 15 run 15 miles and day 30 run 30 miles. A total of 465 miles this month.

It won’t be easy but honestly would it be worth it if it was?

Raising Money Right.
by: Jason Yarusi
WHAT'S tHIS ABOUT: How do you "Raise Money?" Just don't. You should be asking... "How do i provide Opportunity."
“I have tried raising money by asking for it, and by not asking for it. I always got more by asking for it” — Millard Fuller

And while I see the value in this statement … but I also see the flaws.
Most of us have trouble with the ask. Understandably as it can be hard to be turned down or told no or to feel like we are begging.

However, it wasn’t until I realized...
You Are A Brand.
by: Jason Yarusi
WHAT'S tHIS ABOUT: Presenting Yourself In A Way That Is In Line With Your Future Initiatives.
No matter who you are, you are a brand.

Now that may come off as a striking comment but if you are one of the four billion people online and are engaging with people even if it’s just your family and friends then you need to consider that you are now a brand and look at how you are representing your brand.

Success Starts With You.
by: Jason Yarusi
WHAT'S tHIS ABOUT: Removing Yourself As The Biggest Barrier To Success.
Are You Stopping Yourself From Succeeding?

We’ve grown comfortable. Conditioned to a life where there isn’t saber tooth tigers chasing after us and meals arrive at our doorstep with the touch of an app.

Yet so many of us are unhappy.
Very unhappy.
Having The Marathon Mindset.
by: Jason Yarusi
WHAT'S tHIS ABOUT: Everyone loves a comeback story. here is How to start the journey.
Having the Marathon Mindset in Your Own Comeback Story.

With so much going on around us right now… constant news updates containing so much negativity, social media muddied with harsh opinions and many unknowns getting thrown at us from every angle. It‘s important to remember that there’s a long game here.

And it’s tough because...
thrive during tough times.
by: Jason Yarusi
WHAT'S tHIS ABOUT: We all hit rough points in life. identifying the lesson is well worth the discomfort.
At some point in your life you will hit a rough patch. Whether it will be with family, business, finances, health or a combo of all of them, it will happen.
Generally these rocky points harbor internal negative feelings that not only distract us but pull us off course from everything we were focusing on. Routines go out the window and poor habits flow in and things quickly spiral out of control.

So what can you do….

you deserve a great life.
by: Jason Yarusi
WHAT'S tHIS ABOUT: 4 mental blocks keeping you from an awesome life.
“It is never too late to be what you might have been”- George Eliot

At 41 years old there are days that I look back and think “how did I get here?”

Not in a negative or positive way …. just the way life goes is hardly ever how we would imagine it may be if you placed me back at 21.

Life. guaranteed.
by: Jason Yarusi
WHAT'S tHIS ABOUT: there are a few things in life we can set our watch to. why not control the time?
With so much uncertainty around us I figured it would be practical to label a few guarantees in life.

Certainly not every guarantee is going to be one we want or need but when faced with what is coming it’s a lot easier to deal with the hard truth now than to consider all the possibilities of what if.

the power of persevering.
by: Jason Yarusi
WHAT'S tHIS ABOUT: Facing Tough times and knowing this too shall pass.
So many of us are faced with a possible once in a lifetime situation of facing isolation without knowing when things will go back to “normal”.

The last pandemic was 1918. Very few are still with us that were around then so this is basically a new experience for the world.

What’s striking is seeing everyone go through this together yet separately. Same external factors, same unknown outcomes and same lack of answers.
So how do we keep moving forward without knowing where the target is ?

stay the course.
by: Jason Yarusi
WHAT'S tHIS ABOUT: 7 Ways to keep yourself on track when everything feels like it just derailed.
We all feel partly alone but everyone is going through this together but apart. Weird times and a very odd scenario. With uncertainty brings pause and with pause brings derailment.

A change of a routine can be difficult, enlightening, game-changing or frustrating, it just really depends how you look at it.

winning, achievement, plan, breath, give it a try
win the day
by: Jason Yarusi
WHAT'S tHIS ABOUT: 3 things you can do in less than 10 minutes daily to improve your day.
We all have the same twenty hours in a day, but why is it that some seem able to get so much done?

What is it that sets them apart to accomplish more at sometimes shocking levels?

take action, win the day, perfection, smile
just stand up and get doing.
by: Jason Yarusi
WHAT'S tHIS ABOUT: How your thought track is the reason you aren't happy. 
Do you know someone who acts as if they don’t have a care in the world but by luck that same person seems to always fall into something good? They seem to be right in the perfect spot when momentum swings in their direction.

I do.

Let’s call him Art.

So what is it that makes Art so lucky, so special, so fortunate to have so many things happen in his favor?

sunshine, perfect day, mindset, attitude, winning, entrepreneur
75 and Sunny.
by: Jason Yarusi
WHAT'S tHIS ABOUT: setting the daily narrative instead of accepting it.
You wake to a brisk cold 28-degree day you shiver and wish you could just go back to bed or it’s 45 out along with a miserable rain. Maybe it’s 97 and scorching hot, whichever your dislike your mood immediately sinks, succumbs to the negative and your day starts on the wrong track.

sunshine, perfect day, mindset, attitude, winning, entrepreneur
Being The Rock In The Ocean
by: Jason Yarusi
WHAT'S tHIS ABOUT: Always Be moving forward but make sure to be flexible with where that takes you.
The rock in the ocean. We hear this thrown around a lot, that we should be the rock, right? You know, be the rock, be the one who's there, who's constant. But is that the ultimate meaning or are we possibly not fully understanding what is being told to us here?
sunshine, perfect day, mindset, attitude, winning, entrepreneur
10 Success Habits
by: Pili Yarusi
WHAT'S tHIS ABOUT: Building Upon Your Successful Journey Forward
Jason and I just got off a year of 75 hard. This program taught me (us) so many things. Mental Fortitude, commitment to my physical, spiritual and psychological wellbeing and being a contributing member of my community just to name a few. This program also taught me more about what it means to be truly successful.

Here are 10 ways to build upon Success...
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